Ravenswood Pharmacy Prioritizes YOUR Health and Wellbeing

Ravenswood Pharmacy is a health-focussed community pharmacy. With a team of customer-orientated, friendly pharmacists Quin and Lauren, you can be assured of the very best personal service and health care. Speak to them today to find out how you can optimize your health and well-being today! 


We offer a wide selection of prescription medications and health care products, from vitamins and supplements to cosmetics, we have a great range for you to choose from. Come and see us for oral hygiene, skin care, hygiene products, contraception, baby needs and diet products. We have exactly what you need at Ravenswood Pharmacy. If what you are after is not something that is stocked, we will source it and order it in for you.

Quality advice you can rely on

From questions about certain medications to information about a health care issue you may be experiencing, our dedicated pharmacists and experienced pharmacy staff are happy to help you with free advice any time of day. We care about your wellbeing at Ravenswood Pharmacy.

Convenient and efficient service

Our pharmacy is open 8.30am - 5.30pm, 7 days a week for your convenience. Whether you promptly need your medicine scripts in Ravenswood or you need a prescription filled or some advice for a cough or cold, rest assured that our staff will provide fast, attentive and professional service to look after your health care needs. You always come first at Ravenswood Pharmacy.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

Blood Pressure Monitoring

As a complimentary service to the community, Ravenswood Pharmacy offers a blood pressure monitoring service. Your readings can be emailed to yourself, your doctor and / or a printout kept for your next doctor's visit.

Come in and let us help you monitor your blood pressure!

easy Blist

Confused with Your Medicines? Caring for Someone?

 Easy Blist blister packs can free many people from the daily worry of getting their medication right and allows for greater independence and quality of life, both for the person taking the medication and for the concerned relative, carer or loved one.

 It is all too easy to forget to take medication, or to take it twice, or to get confused over which tablets or capsules to take when. The patient cannot have, and in most cases doesn’t want, constant supervision, and the carer and loved one cannot always be there.  

 The reassurance and assistance provided by Easy Blist has enabled many people to stay in their own homes and to continue to lead independent lives - a much preferred option.

 At a glance, using Easy Blist carers can see when medication is to be taken or if it has been missed. Taking medication as prescribed is particularly important if patients are elderly people who want to maintain independence or are in long-term care.

 Easy Blist can help you because it:


  • Gives you peace of mind and helps those you care for become more independent.
  • Makes your life easier.
  • Reduces complicated doses into simple regimes.
  • Is easier for carers to check to see if patients have properly taken their medication.
  • Is a visual reminder to take medication.
  • Removes the risk of tablets/capsules being mixed or spilt.
  • Is tamper evident.
  • Is suitable for all age groups.


Let Us Help, It's Easy!

Sox & Lox

We stock a variety of Sox N Lox socks which are made of high quality material to make them comfortable and durable and very wearable!

Made in Korea

Only The Best For Your Eyes

All our sunglasses meet Australian Standard AS1067-2003, have the maximum Eye Protection Factor rating of 10, block 100% of horizontally reflected glare and use Polarised Glarefoil lenses.

Check out The Range..

Avent Products for Mum and Baby

Philips AVENT products are recommended by doctors, praised by mothers, and recognized internationally.

Choosing Philips AVENT means you have the assurance of superior quality products, designed with you and your baby's needs in mind.

Through extensive research and clinical trials, Philips AVENT products work effectively together to give you the flexibility to care for a growing baby.

The Philips AVENT superior quality products help to support the choices you make, whether breastfeeding, bottle feeding or combining the two. Then as your baby grows their interchangeable design features mean they can be adapted to meet your baby's developing needs. We are here to guide you through all these wonderful changes.

Made in the UK

Ravenswood Pharmacy supports and stocks Avent Products


Free Magnetic Shopping List and Pen!

YOUR complimentary Fridge Magnet + Shopping List and Pen while stocks last

Get yours in-store now!

Product Feature

Price Matching

Did you know....


We will happily match the price of nappies and formula from another pharmacy. Simply bring in proof (a photo on your phone will suffice). 



No More Sweat

The NO MORE SWEAT products are the most effective sweat prevention products available. The NO MORE SWEAT “blue” product, besides being an extremely effective anti-perspirant is also much milder than other products of this type. This is due to it’s unique synergistic blend of aluminium salts.

NO MORE SWEAT can be used with confidence. Both products are guaranteed to work to help reduce sweating and are covered by a 100% money back guarantee(see terms). NO MORE SWEAT BLUE is also highly recommended for people who suffer from normal sweating.

The NO MORE SWEAT products help stop excessive sweating on ANY part of your body. This includes underarms, face, breast, groin, hands or feet.

NO MORE SWEAT is safe to use at any age.

Stop excessive sweating (Hyperhidrosis) for up to 7 days. One bottle last up to 6 months.